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Well, what can I say, as many of you will know by now we have been chosen to play 2008’s prestigious RoSFEST festival in Pennsylvania USA.  We are obviously delighted to have been chosen and proud that the success generated by RHETORIC and the accompanying UK tour last year put us in the frame.

The communication with George and Tom (the promoters) started about a year ago (late 2006) and a nicer more committed, genuine and knowledgeable couple of “Prog Fans” you couldn’t hope to deal with, I tell you.  Just imagine me with these guys on the end of the phone asking, would you like to come and play at RoSFEST, like we would ever say NO?

A lot of people will know that this is our first trip as a band outside of the UK.  To be on the same stage again as our good friends Wishbone Ash and personal heroes such as 3 ex-members of YES is a dream come true for a bad that two years ago most people had forgotten, or written off.  Ambrosia & Starcastle too, bands I listened too when I was a kid.  Black Bonzo (Great album Guys).  Ritual, saw them once in Rotherham – they were awesome.  RWPL and Blind Ego two bands I have wanted to catch live forever, as well as The Flower Kings…. Can’t wait.

All I can say is...

· Huge thanks to George & Tom for the opportunity

· Thanks to the CREDO fans around the world that have supported us thus-far and made so many requests for us to appear at RoSFEST.

· Thanks to everyone who bought the album (thanks mum!)

· Thanks to everyone who came to see us live and watched the tour graduate from pub supports to prestigious headlines.

· Thanks most of all to YOU!

RoSFEST – The CREDO boys are coming

This was a personal note from Mark posted when we got the Gig at RoSFEST in 2008.  It meant a lot to us!

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