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We have been taking a break from gigging for a while to concentrate on writing and recording a new Credo album.

Unfortunately it is a slow process for us as we juggle the realities of life as a band where music is (sadly) not a full-time job for any of us, and we now have the added difficulties of all living in different parts of the country. Lock down didn’t help either!

But we are getting there!  And it is sounding bloody brilliant!  Melodically, some huge stuff is coming out.  And lyrically, Mrs May and Messrs Trump and Johnson have been proving to be excellent inspiration for our usual middle-aged indignance!  

We are really excited about finishing it in 2023 and getting it out there.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of us hard at work at Mike’s Gargoyle Studio and Mully’s drum room in Hampshire.