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Released September 2005   /  Re-released May 2014 *

Words and Music by Credo

Arranged by Credo

Produced by Mike Varty

Mixed by Karl Groom and Mike Varty at Thin Ice Studio

Mike Varty at Thin Ice Studio

* Mixed by Mike Varty at Gargoyle Studio

P&C F2 Music 2005

Catalogue Number 200509

“The ultimate progressive rock statement”


“Wonderful melodies, superb musicanship and a very fine lead singer”    “...highly melodic & harmonic neo-prog...”    “ Modern & catchy...”       “ Wonderful melodic-lines on guitars, beautiful majestic keyboard-parts... combined with brilliant basslines.”     “...fresh and exciting...”      “No typical boring stuff.   It's a must have in your collection.”   

“I could rabbit on all day, I won't because you need to go find yourself a copy and not be reading this!

Our Take

'Rhetoric' is our 2nd album, and it was released on the 19th September 2005 - which is spooky because that's exactly 11 years to the day that our first album 'Field of Vision' was released!   It took a little while in coming along, but it was finished in March 2005, and with a minor remix of one of the songs and a lot of hard work on the artwork we managed to get it ready for September.  We used to be on the Cyclops record label, but as it was so long since the release of the last album we were out of contract and so could cast about for other record labels. It was certainly a hard choice as to whether to stay with Cyclops or move on, and we finally settled on moving over to join F2.  The move to F2 has given us a fresh view as they're committed to the music and pushing hard in a market which is always squeezed by the mainstream.

The music fits fairly and squarely into the Progressive Rock bracket, but one of the things we believe in is to make sure there are plenty of melodies rather than wowing everyone with our virtuosity!   We play some wicked solos - of course - but there's plenty to hum along with as well.  The production on this album is something we've paid particular attention to and with Karl Groom of Thin Ice mixing we think it is second to none.

As for the musical themes, they vary from hard hitting lyrics in Skintrade, quiet and thought-provoking in From the Cradle, powerful and anthemic in Seems Like Yesterday, to out and out creamy guitar solos in Turn The Gun. We've included some samples from the album on the right, so you can judge for yourself.

Tracks in a Nutshell

Skintrade                                    - A cynical view of the world of pornography

Turn the Gun                               - A senseless assassination

From the Cradle... To the Grave  - Two songs giving a view of love and lifelong obsession

The Letter                                    - The breaking of a relationship

The Game                                    - Life is just a game

Too Late... To Say Goodbye        - Two songs that bring alive the horrors and suffering of World War 1

Seems Like Yesterday                 - Lost memories

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Too Late...

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High Quality Samples:

The Letter - Chorus (High 536K)

To The Grave - Solos (High 1.4M)

To Say Goodbye - Vocal
(High 759K)

Smaller Sized Samples:

The Letter - Chorus (Low 313K)

To the Grave - Solos (Low 841K)

To Say Goodbye - Vocal
(Low 443K)


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Track Listing

1.  Skintrade                                  

2.  Turn the Gun                          

3.  From the Cradle...

4.  ...To the Grave

5.  The Letter

6.  The Game

7.  Too Late...

8.  ...To Say Goodbye      

9.  Seems Like Yesterday

BONUS TRACK - Skintrade Demo Mix *  

Note: Re-issue in digipak with bonus track

Cat No: GRGRC013

Original release: 30/09/2005 Reference: 17019

Line Up

Mark Colton     - Vocals

Tim Birrell        - Guitar

Mike Varty       - Keyboards & Backing Vocals

Jim Murdoch    - Bass  & Backing Vocals

Martin Meads   - Drums

Additional backing vocals by Sam Collins