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Released April 2009

Filmed and Recorded at: Teatr Slaski, Katowice, Poland

Executive Producer: Tomasz Dzlubinski - Metal Mind Productions

Assistant: Jaroslaw Wieczorek

P&C Metal Mind Productions 2009

Catalogue Number: MMP DVD 0175

DVD Region Code 0 (Plays in regions 1-6)

Total Running Time: Approx 188 min.

Picture Format: 16:9 / Sound : DD 2.0, DD 5.1


“... a must have release.”     “...captures the energy and passion of Credo.”    “Discovering Credo for the first time is like finding a lost gem from the golden era of early Marillion or Pendragon...”

Our Take

'This CD and DVD entitled “This Is What We Do – Live in Poland” features the band’s performance at the Slaski Theater in Katowice, Poland in October 2008.

This is our first - and so far only - live release, and we think it captures the energy, power and enthusiasm of our live set really well.  And we had a real blast recording it! It was such a privilege - all at Metal Minds were so professional and helpful and the audience were great!  We are very pleased with the result and it’s been really well-received.

We can’t do any better than quote from the press release:

“The astonishing charisma and distinctive vocals of Mark Colton, lush and profound guitar solos performed with unbelievable ease by Tim Birrell, beautiful soundscapes evoked by the keyboardist Mike Varty (also known to the fans of good prog-rock music from such bands as Landmarq, Shadowland, Jannison Edge, and Mick Pointer’s project Script for a Jester’s Tour) and the unfailing rhythm section of Jim Murdoch and Martin Meads – it’s all there! Above all, great compositions – neat and distinctive at the same time, combining good prog-rock traditions with extremely catchy melodies – performed with energy and charisma which could as well be envied by Fish himself!”

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Round and Round


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“The first ever live Credo release, playing a stunning set! The band have always had a great reputation on stage, and this performance captures the energy and passion of Credo. With the majority of live material coming from the bands latest best selling CD release 'Rhetoric', plus tracks from their debut CD 'Field Of Vision' and a new track 'Round And Round', this is a release that every Prog fan should own. Lots of bonus material too! Fans of powerful, emotional, melodic Prog - this is for you.”

Double CD Track Listing


1.  The Game                                  

2.  Turn the Gun Around                       

3.  Skintrade

4.  Seems Like Yesterday  

5.  Field of Vision Medley

     - Power to the Nth Degree - Phantom

     - Rules of Engagement - Good Boy

6.  Round and Round


1.  Too Late...

2.  ...To Say Goodbye

3.  A Kindness

4.  The Letter

5.  From the Cradle...

6.  ...To the Grave                                  



Line Up

Mark Colton     - Vocals

Tim Birrell        - Guitar

Mike Varty       - Keyboards & Backing Vocals

Jim Murdoch    - Bass  & Backing Vocals

Martin Meads   - Drums

double cd (live)

DVD Contents

1.   The Game                                  

2.   Turn the Gun Around                       

3.   Skintrade

4.   Seems Like Yesterday  

5.   Field of Vision Medley

      - Power to the Nth Degree - Phantom

      - Rules of Engagement - Good Boy

6.   Round and Round

7.   Too Late...

8.   ...To Say Goodbye

9.   A Kindness

10. The Letter

11. From the Cradle...

12. ...To the Grave                                  

Bonus Video

Credo Behind the Scenes:

From the Cradle…’ – Credo Live at the Rotherham ProgFest UK 1999

The Letter’ (Excerpt) – Credo Live at the Rotherham ProgFest UK 1999

Too Late to Say Goodbye’ – Credo Live at The Summer’s End Festival UK 2006

Bonus Audio

Chequered Past – First Statement, released on Cassette Tape 1992

Sweet Scarlet Whisper



‘A Kindness’ – Credo Live in Leeds 1998     


dvd (live)