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CREDO Live at Progfarm 2008


Netherlands, 1 November 2008

Our previous long-distance gigs in Philadelphia and Poland, restricted the amount of our own equipment that we could ship to the gig, due to costs.  For ProgFarm we wanted this to be a show which really blew people away, which meant that we had to get the whole circus on the move...

The only way to transport nine people and all their gear is by hiring a "Tour Bus" (you have to be in a band to appreciate how cool it is to say that !!!  ;-)   This meant that, we'd do a great gig but we'd have to put money into hiring transport ourselves.

No-one argued, which for the CREDO "committee" is a major achievement in itself.

Mark collected the "Luxury" Tour bus on Friday morning from Swindon and drove to Farnborough to pick the rest of us up from Mr. Varty's "Gargoyle Studio”.  Loading up in double quick time, we hit the road in search of a ferry with our very own Mr. and Mrs Ploppy acting as Pilot and Co-Pilot.  Mark's Tom-Tom suggested we take the short route from Farnborough, Hampshire to Dover, Kent via Hull.... pillock!!

Even with so many gifted and talented members in the CREDO Circus, nobody could quite work out how to get the heaters in the passenger compartment working,  which meant that the first stage of our journey was bloody parky!!

The rest of the journey (8 hours + change), was enjoyable and relatively un-eventful, with the minor diversion of the two “strangely happy” Dutch Police Officers who stopped us and proceeded to breathalyse Mr. Ploppy...   who was in the passenger seat at the time !!

They only realised their mistake when, after two attempts, which they managed to screw up the readings, one of them said

“Hey,… de shteering wheelsh on de other shide...”  You can't pay for entertainment like that.

They left, still giggling, with the comment, "I t'ink we'll just call dat a draw"....Oh, for shure...

ProgFarm is a Progressive Rock Festival -  sponsored by the exceptional Flamborough Head.and run by our good friend EDO and takes place in a converted Farm in Bakkeveen.  Despite the chilly November winds blowing down from the Artic, the Dutch audience of 350 (+/- a few) gave us a really HOT reception.

At one point in the set, Mike Varty thought he was suffering from sticky keys on his Keyboard when he heard a wide range of additional harmonics in the middle of one song.  It turns out that a large number of competent vocalists in the audience were adding backing harmonies which we don't normally have!

This takes us back to our usual embarrassment of the Audience knowing the lyrics better that the people on stage. 8-()

As headline band, we were given enough time to play our full set list, as per our soon to be released DVD, and ProgFarm loved it.

We have to say a huge thanks to Edo and Flamborough Head for inviting us, and all the other bands whom we had the great opportunity to watch, enjoy and work with,...  How cool is that,... we get Play music with some exceptional and talented bands, in amazing places.  And they pay us to do it.....

You can see some photos and some commentary (in Dutch) on Flamborough Head's website.

Rock on people !!