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Released September 1994

Words and Music by Credo

Arranged by Credo

Produced by Credo

Initially Released on  Cyclops 1994

Catalogue Number CYCL012


“Enthusiastic...”    “...Expressive...”      “...Threatening...”     “...Ironic...”      “...Charming...”      “...Raw...”

Our Take

'Field of Vision’ was the album that started it all.  Recorded a very long time ago in 1994, some might say it shows - and we would probably agree with them!  The whole album was recorded and mixed in four days.  Despite its acknowledged shortcomings though, the songs are lyrically and melodically strong and were very well-received live.

The original intention was just to sell the album at gigs on cassette, but UK label Cyclops approached the band, signed them up and released the album on CD shortly after.  It’s actually become a bit of a cult classic and - since we’ve run out of copies - a collector’s item!    The songs are strong, melodic and tuneful.  One of those rarities in Prog where the audience remembers the tunes pretty quickly.  

There’s a rawness to the delivery on Field of Vision that is still interesting, some have said it’s almost punky!  Prog Punk - now there’s a thing!  

Tracks in a Nutshell

Rules of Engagement        - A view of love's young dream going horribly, horribly wrong             

Good Boy                          - A song about an easily influenced guy we once knew, who found it impossible to escape                                            the shadow of his domineering mother.        

Power to the Nth Degree   - Unusually for the time, but a song about the planet, written when it wasn't trendy to be a
                                             friend of the Earth

Phantom                            - The people you love are the ones who know exactly what to say to hurt you the most

Don’t Look Back                 - Growing old disgracefully!

Alicia                                 - The psychotic corpse of a doomed romance.

Sweet Scarlet Whisper      - A song about loving someone so much yet knowing you will never be able to be with
                                            that person due to the other people involved.

Party                                  - It’s that typical male ego w&nk where it feels like a good idea to have a party and to
                                            only invite the people you have slept with and suddenly, the guests realise what it is
                                            they all have in common and start comparing notes on the host!!!

A Kindness                         - The serial killer and the way his mind may work

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Axiom of Choice

Track Listing

1.  Rules of Engagement              

2.  Good Boy           

3.  Power to the Nth Degree

4.  Phantom

5.  Don’t Look Back

6.  Alicia    

7.  Sweet Scarlet Whisper

8.  Party

9.  A Kindness  

Line Up

Mark Colton   - Vocals

Tim Birrell      - Guitar

Mik Stovold    - Keyboards

Jim Murdoch  - Bass

Paul Clarke    - Percussion