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Released April 2011

Words and Music by Birrell / Colton / Murdoch / Varty

Produced by Mike Varty

Engineered by Mike Varty at Gargoyle Studio

Mixed by Karl Groom and Mike Varty at Thin Ice Studio

Mastered by Mike Varty at Gargoyle Studio

P&C F2 Music 2011

Catalogue Number 201104


“...melody and thoughtfully understated musicianship... a certain joyous, tumbling energy”
(Malcolm Dome, Classic Rock Magazine

“ inspired album...”  (Classic Rock Presents Prog Magazine)    

“ album of pure and sublime brilliance...”    (ProgRockPlazerna)

Our Take

Whilst not quite the 11 years between ‘Field of Vision’ and 'Rhetoric', our 3rd album - Against Reason - has been a while in coming, due to a range of personal and technical hiccups.  But we can well and truly say that we think it is worth the wait.  It really was a mad dash at the end and it seemed that even then we were jinxed when the entire CD pressing was dropped by the courier and F2 had to send the lot back!   However, we have got some for sale now and plenty of gigs arranged to celebrate it.  

Against Reason builds on the power and melody of its predecessor.  It’s a little harder perhaps, a little more mature.  It demonstrates a more intricate feel, lyrical challenges, fuller soundscapes and powerful melodies.  The lead track from the album - Staring at the Sun - is already causing a stir amongst those who had a chance to hear it before the album was released.

Tracks in a Nutshell

Staring at the Sun                      - A commentary on our ridiculous ability to f*** up our planet

Cardinal Sin                               - A commentary on some people’s ability to f*** up young children

Intimate Strangers                       - A commentary on some people’s ability to f***

Against Reason                            - No commentary, it’s an instrumental...

Insane                                          - What we do to each other in the name of religion

Reason to Live                             - Is there such a thing...?

Conspiracy (MCF)                         - Some people see it everywhere - the clue’s in the MCF...

Ghosts of Yesterday                      - The lost hopes and dreams of a forgotten place

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Staring at the Sun

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Track Listing

1. Staring at the Sun          

2. Cardinal Sin     

3. Intimate Strangers

4. Against Reason

5. Insane

6. Reason to Live

7. Conspiracy (MCF)

8. Ghosts of Yesterday

Line Up

Mark Colton     - Vocals

Tim Birrell        - Guitar

Mike Varty       - Keyboards & Backing Vocals

Jim Murdoch    - Bass  & Backing Vocals

Martin Meads   - Drums

Additional backing vocals by Sam Collins

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